How to treat pus in the gums

Pus in the gums is closely related to a condition called dental abscess and can be preceded by periodontal disease. Abscesses cannot heal by themselves, medical treatment is carried out to dry the abscess, disinfect with germs, make canals to the roots of the teeth, until pulling the infected teeth. Pus is a thick liquid containing dead tissue, cells, and bacteria. Pus is generally yellowish white, greenish, yellow or brownish yellow, and sometimes smells foul. The emergence of pus because certain areas become inflamed when an infection occurs. This inflammatory reaction is the body's natural reaction to fight infection. Causes of Pus in the gums Pus in the gums usually comes from a tooth abscess. Abscesses are generally caused by bacterial infections and cause throbbing pain. Poorly maintained oral hygiene and lack of care of the teeth, make cavities easily and are infected with bacteria. The growth of bacteria that is left will cause infections in the teeth. This infection
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